Tuesday, August 2, 2011

87% of Brands Plan to Run Twitter Ads : Survey

Eighty-seven percent of brand managers surveyed by the Pivot Conference plan to run a Twitter campaign in the next 12 months. The result appears to reflect the growing popularity of Twitter's Promoted Accounts, which are PPC ads designed to lift a brand's number of followers. Twitter's other major platform, Promoted Trends, costs $120,000 per day for an exclusive global reach.

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Foursquare also received positive news from the report, which reflects the social media spending plans of 230 brand managers in attendance at the May 2011 event.
A staggering 98 percent of respondents said they'd run Facebook ads in the coming year; 81 percent plan to advertise on YouTube; and 65 percent will buy ads on LinkedIn.

Though only 16 percent said they had already executed a Foursquare campaign, 26 percent revealed they would begin testing the geo-social app during the next 12 months. However only 22 percent said they believe Foursquare's ad offerings are either "good" or "excellent."
Meanwhile, the study bore out other potentially meaningful data-points for the social media advertising niche. It found:

  • 75 percent of brands call social advertising an ongoing program.
  • 70 percent stated that their social advertising is integrated into a larger campaign.
  • 70 percent use traditional media to drive engagement in social advertising.
  • 84 percent encourage user involvement with social advertising campaigns.

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