Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London riots : a loot or fight for the rights ?

The spark ignited by the small group of activist in the capital city London has now reached to the other parts of the country too, latest being the Birmingham city.

But the major question is it really a uprising without any motive or has some more meanings and links associated with it ?

Few of the political critics are even linking it to the "RACIAL" roots.

The Black population of the country stands at 8% of its total population and the unemployment rate among this sect of people is as high as 14% compared to the 5% of the White British natives. This may be the outburst of that hidden depression and hatred towards the government by them. But the fact which is contradicting this notion is that the looters and hooligans are from both races and the most concerning part is that most of them are teenagers.

Britain has more high school dropouts than its neighbouring nation and as the one of their country footballer tweeted that "The people of this county wants more without contributing or working hard to acheive that".

Lets hope and pray that everything settles down there and London and whole united Kingdom realize their shameful act.

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