Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips Of The Connecting Internet Connection (For Mobiles)

Not long ago, we are very dependent on our laptop to the cable, Internet, Web browsing, sending and receiving e-mail, instant messaging and online shopping. Next, we need to get rid of wireless LAN. If you have a wireless router, you can connect to the computer, so our room very clean and without wires.

But still more choices. With development of new technologies, you do not need a wireless router from your laptop to surf the Internet. If you have a smart phone data, you can use it as a modem for Internet access on your laptop, called the mobile captivity.

Currently, there are many ways to your mobile phone as a modem function, and Wi - Fi USB captured, imprisoned convicts, and Bluetooth. If you have Wi - Fi Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile 7 smartphone, you can choose one of them, and the same parameters. But never forget that you need a data plan, you can get it for free.

Connect USB tethering

Usb Android, Android Wireless Wi-fi

If you access your wireless network to 3G, USB is a good choice. For example MOTO second step First you change your USB mode "debug" set your phone -> Programs -> Development. BAD for the x86 driver and then download it to your laptop computer, and unzip it. Finally, you run Android on a laptop apart from the client PC "and your laptop to finish the job.

Now that you have to share Android "mobile search application, Android Market, home, if you do not. After installation, change the port 6544 and start the service now, everything is done from your laptop you can start surfing the Internet.

Mobile Wi-Fi tethering
wifi hotspot, smartphone, smartphone, iphone

If your smartphone with Wi-Fi, you can go with the Wi-Fi in captivity, is really very simple. Applications can use the WiFi access point to your mobile phone as an access point. If you have iPhone 4.3 + IOS, staff may hotspot (you must set the password), and now the iPhone acts as an access point.

Mobile Phone Connect Bluetooth tethering
Phone connect Bluetooth, phone mobile wireless wifi

Bluetooth has become a fundamental part of smartphones, and if your laptop (requires an external Bluetooth adapter, if it is not under construction), you can share your laptop to a 3G network.

If you have iPhone 4.3, you can choose to configure the Bluetooth access point on the staff of the Division. Although you can use your phone as a template, but there are some things you need to know. If you do not have 3G internet in your phone, you can give. At the same time, mobile phone battery runs very quickly, so you need to replace the battery. Finally, you maybe charged to share Internet access, please contact your supplier, or to pay your phone bill madness.

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