Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips Android's 2.2 : 5 ways to get rid of the absence of memory problems

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Many users of Android for your mobile phone runs out of memory problems, or by phone is not very sensitive, especially when you install too many applications. There are many ways to save space, but some are more effective if they have the same problem, you can try the following.

1. Generated By the Application to Clear the Cache
Since versions of every mobile space and limited ROM at the beginning of the Android 2.2 version does not allow you install applications on SD card, we have a clear memory, free the cache generated by the application. Go to Settings -> Applications - Application Management, "you can find some application cache, simply press the cache cleanup, which saves a few MB of memory for sometimes longer than 10 MBS.

2. Cleaning /data/cache-dalvik
If you run out of memory, first try to deleted/data/dalvik cache everything, and then immediately restart. Necessary. dex files will be automatically re-created. I have about 15 MB of old unnecessary. dex files.

3. Delete the Old Application
If you have upgraded from the market, Google Maps, you can delete the /System/Applications/Maps.apk/data/dalvik-cache/system@app@Maps.apk@classes.dex because the new version uses a different file name. You must reinstall/RW system as shown below to delete/system/application thing. Be very careful, modify/System, you can break your phone. Do not forget to reinstall it after.

4. Using Cache Cleaning Application.
There is an Android application on the market, such as cleaning, rapid application cache cleaning cache, but you need to pay for it. If you are root, you can also try CacheCleaner, CacheMate, and MoveCache easily clear the cache.

5. Applications will be moved to the SD card
This requires a Linux expertise, because you might mess up a lot, but it will save you a lot of memory. But stay in the hearts of the application components and systems will not work when you move to the SD card, so you need to make sure that the application supports the application to SD. You can also use the application 2 SD or SDMove, to help you do so.

Above, the 5 best ways to help you save memory and make the phone more responsive. In addition, you can uninstall never or rarely used applications, or restart the phone when it works slowly, which helps. It's a little tip for you all android users, don't feel baffled as you use the android and you experience an error, this tip for you all.


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