Friday, August 19, 2011

Try HTC Windows Mobile phone Android Skills

Google's Android Phone on Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone in direct competition, but it has received a lot of fans. If you want to try a new operating system, you do not have to buy Android phones. If you have HTC Windows Mobile phone, try installing the operating system Android. Although not the standard operating system, you can use Windows Mobile boot loader called HaRET Guide on your mobile Android.

However, not all Windows Mobile phones compatible with the new GSM phones have a better chance, so far little support for CDMA.

A few steps from the finish, but it is quite difficult. First, make sure your phone supported, then you need to download the file to Android. The last step is to install it, but it maybe necessary to format your phone and set a number of documents. After all, you can use HaRET restart the operating system Android, HTC Windows Mobile phone.

Detailed tutorial, see this makeuseof later.


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