Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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 mobiles phone news, iPhone 5 News 2011 Less than a year "iPhone 4" was put on the market, leaking the next generation while the iPhone is mentioned five began circulating. For example, a recent report by the China Times, Tuesday (22/03/2011). Mentioned in the report that the new generation smartphones from Apple is in a period of trial production. The devices will be dressed in metal chassis is said to have been equipped with antenna technology is better and will be marketed from the third quarter of 2011.

A party that gets the attention of Apple, according to the report, is it a problem of power antenna on the iPhone 4. 5 on the iPhone no longer exists because of problems with the strength of the connection while mitigating the lower ends of the pocket.

The report also reinforces previous rumors that the iPhone will be equipped with five bullets Near Field Communication (NFC). With this technology, users of the iPhone 5 can transact directly with the device near the means to pay based on wireless communication. Earlier, the New York Times quoted two sources stating that Apple plans to add the product to the NFC chip smartphone. However, there is no confirmation whether it will be made of the iPhone 5.

China Times also said that the five new iPhone will use a larger screen, which is 4 inches. According to sources, the screen size plus a current of 3.5 inches to 4 inches, without increasing the overall size of the device, but reduce the size of the bezel or frame.Finally, the iPhone is probably already 5 with Apple A5 dual-core processor. The processor was first used on both the calculation process IPAD offer a speed nine times that used in Apple's current A4.

Also from such leaks, Foxconn, which assembles Apple products in China, will expand its plant in Brazil as demand continues to rise. Plant in Brazil may be used exclusively to manufacture Apple products and will be operational in 2013.

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