Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 10 bloggers

Blogging, which is no more a mere social hobby to voice your opinion on interesting topics, but over the years it has been transformed into the serious business. With major blogs having more than 100 million dollars valuation, blogging has changed the lives of these opinion makers. The blog directory websites like "technorati" itself have registered more than 150,000,000 blogs since 2002. According to the reports approximately 80% of the active internet users have read or subscribed to some or the other blog. So here is the list of few money makers who hit the bulls eye in this utterly clouded sphere called as "Blogosphere".
Here is the list of  owners of top 10 blogs.

      1.  Arianna Huffington

Blog                  Huffington Post
Type of site      News & blogging
Launched          May 9, 2005
Located             New York City, New York, U.S.
Key people        Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief
                           Tim Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
                           Roy Sekoff, editor
Parent               AOL
Slogan              "The Internet Newspaper: News, Blogs, Video, Community"
Alexa rank        95 (July 2011)
Available in       English
Current status   Active

    2.  Pete Cashmore

Blog                   Mashable
Type                  Social media,technology,mobiles
Launched           July 2005
Located             New York City, New York, U.S.
Key people        Pete Cashmore, Chief Executive Officer
                           Adam Ostrow, Editor-in-Chief
                           Ben Parr, Editor-at-Large
Parent                Mashable Inc.
Slogan               "The Social Media Guide"
Alexa rank        176 (July 2011)
Current status   Active

   3. Michael Arrington

Blog                   Tech Crunch
Type                  Technology news and analysis
Launched          June 11, 2005
Located             New York,U.S
Key People       Michael arrington
                          Dave Feldman, Product manager
                          Matt Scheinker, manager
Parent               AOL
Alexa rank        217 (July 2011)
Current status  Active

 4.  Henry Blodget

Blog                   Business Insider
Type                  Online Newsroom,Business
Launched          February 2009
Located             New York, USA
Key People       Dwight Merriman
                          Kevin Ryan
                          Henry Blodget,former top-ranked Wall Street analyst
Parent               Silicon Alley Insider, Inc.        
Alexa  rank       389(July 2011)
Current status  Active

5. Faiz Shakir

Blog                   Think Progress
Type                  News and forum of progressive ideas and policies
Launched          2005 
Located             Washington D.C., U.S
Key People       Faiz Shakir
                          Ben Armbruster
                          Amanda peterson
Parent               Center for American Progress Fund
Alexa  rank       6,448 (July 2011)
Current status  Active

6.  Peter Rojas

Blog                   Engadget
Type                  Gadgets, technology weblog
Launched           March, 2004
Located              New York city, New York, U.S
Key People        Peter Rojas, founder
                           Darren Murph, managing director
                           Vlad sanov, senior Associate
Parent                AOL
Alexa rank         316 (July 2011)
Current status    Online

7. Harvey Levin

Blog                  TMZ
Type                 Celebrity news
Launched          November 8, 2005
Located             New York city, New York, US
Key People       Harvey Levin
Parent               Time Warner
Slogan               Celebrity Gossip. Entertainment News. Celebrity News.
Alexa rank   354 (July 2011)
Current status  Active. News-in media

8.  Nick Denton

Blog                   Gawker
Type                  News, gossips Blog network
Launched          January 2003
Located             New York, U.S
Key People       Nick Denton (Publisher)
                           Remy Stern (Editor-in-Chief)
                           Brian Moylan/Richard Lawson
Parent                Gawker media
Alexa rank         903 (July 2011)
Current status   Active

9.  Pete Rojas

Blog                   Gizmodo

Type                  Gizmo, Gadgets, technology blog
Launched          2002
Located             New York, U.S
Key People       Pete Rojas, co-founder
                          Joe Brown,Editorial Director
                          Jason Chen,Editor
                          Jesus Diaz,Senior Contributing Editor
Parent              Gawker Media
Alexa rank   688 (July 2011)
Current status  Online

10.   Tina Brown

Blog                      The daily Beast
Type                     News reporting and opinion blog
Launched             2008
Located                New York, U.S  
Key People          Tina Brown (Editor in chief)
                             Christopher Buckley, Scott Turow, Mark McKinnon
Parent                  The Newsweek Daily Beast Company LLC
Alexa rank          1,377 (July 2011)
Current Status     Active

                                                                                                            COMPILED By- Irfan

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