Thursday, July 21, 2011

IUser: Create User Profiles Oof New iPad

IUser : It must a really useful application for any user of IOS. The ability to create user profiles on an iPad is intriguing. We used to create new user profiles on our Windows PC and Mac, which is very handy when you have personal documents you do not want others to see. Creation of user profiles allows you to protect your business in your own domain on your computer and now you can get the same experience on your iPhone.

IUser for IOS devices Cydia is an application that allows you to do the same. You can create new users on your iPhone and lock with a lock code. Privacy for you, while the other does not stumble over things on your iPhone. If you share an iPad with more than one person then it's pretty obvious that this is a jailbreak app very useful. As the tablets are more like computers, new applications developed every day to keep them as useful.

This application provides the same functionality and allows you to choose between different users to Slide to unlock screen. Once the software installed, a new icon will appear next to the Slide to unlock screen. When you select the icon IUser, a new pop-up window appears asking you to select a user to connect. However, each time you select another user, the device will reboot to connect to the selected user. You can add new users in the Settings tab and the best part is that you can add any number of users, not that it would be necessary. Check out the video after the break to see how it works:

IUser Cydia is an application, so you'll need a jailbroken iPad to do the job. The repo for IUser can be found at and is a free application.


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