Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HTC status smartphone : Now in market

The HTC Status smartphone has finally arrived at the AT&T and is selling for under $400 (excluding any taxes) without a contract and for under $50 (excluding any fees) with a 2 year agreement.

But the big question is Does this phone really have any market value more-so when Facebook's market share is constantly on decline and there is a big threat from Google+. In this kind of uncertainty whether Facebook would able to survive this difficult phase or not is still a big question, this phone is certainly not the best option for the networking users.

The mobile device with the blue button for accessing Facebook has hit the shelves of select retailers.Best Buy will be offering an exclusive color for the social mobile device. With the special Facebook share button the user will have one touch access to the social site.
The Status by HTC will offer the user the convenience, ease-of-use and depth of HTC Sense user interface when using the device in addition to connectivity of Facebook. As part of an extended selection of six innovative  gadgets that were introduced at the Mobile World Congress, the HTC  Status was introduced as the HTC ChaCha. The mobile gadget features a dedicated Facebook button intended for one-touch access to the key capabilities of the Facebook service that are bundled through the HTC Sense experience.
The Facebook button on HTC Status  is context-aware, lightly pulsing with light anytime there is an opportunity to discuss subject matter or updates via Facebook. With a solitary touch of the button, you’ll be able to update your current status, upload a picture, promote a Website, post what tune you happen to be listening to, ‘check in’ to a location and much more.
The HTC Status runs on Android Gingerbread 2. 3. 3, the most recent version, and utilize the most current version of HTC Sense to combine Facebook throughout the HTC Sense encounter. While you make a phone call, the dialer display shows your friend’s most current status and pics, and also lets you know in the event his or her birthday is drawing near.

The same updates can be shown when you get a call coming from a Facebook friend. You can also use your phone’s existing contacts to help you connect with them on Facebook or personalize your handset further with a number of new, Facebook-branded widgets.

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