Friday, July 29, 2011

Blackberry 9700 with Reviews

Here are some fresh new pictures of the BlackBerry 9700 (Onyx). The BlackBerry Onyx 9700 should come as a refreshment of the Bold, featuring 3G support, Wi-Fi with UMA, GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash. In addition, the Onyx has a 3.5mm jack and a microSD slot.Blackberry Bold 9780 has been unveiled some weeks ago and today this handset is resurfaced again as we got the more information and detail of it. One thing that we noticed is that the RIM when launches a new model it some what resembles with previous one .Now we observe that Bold 9780 smartphone is the brother of 9700 model of Blackberry.
Blackberry Bold 9780 has the Blackberry OS 6.0 and we can say with surety that this new model is planned to replace the 9700 model .Although it will come with some new features and functionalities but we sure that the it will be an upgrade .In terms of its specifications this model of Blackberry has bear a striking resemblance with 9700.

We will provide you more information and news about this Blackberry model soon as currently we don’t know when this phone will exactly hit the market and at what price. We recently unveiled Blackberry storm 3 specifications and video so check it also.So visit us again so that you can get up-to-date news of latest gadgets. Keep in mind the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will come in two versions - one for AT&T/Rogers/Europe and another version specificially built for T-Mobile in the USA, which features T-Mobiles 1700Mhz HSPA bands. Below is a picture of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the optical trackpad:
Since this review first when live in late May, a few things have changed in regards to this review. First, the "onyx" became branded with a 9020 device model, which recently changed again to become the BlackBerry 9700 and now for sure will be labeled as the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Hardware-wise, compared to unit featured in this review, a few other things have changed, namely the device will feature a touch sensitive trackpad (as seen on the Curve 8520) instead of the trackball, and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will also feature a leather back on it. And above the battery door, engraved into the rubber will be the word "Bold".

Pre-release review time! Rumors of the BlackBerry device model with the codename "Onyx" have been floating around for a while now and were proven legit when the first photos of it surfaced here at CrackBerry back on May 10th. After going hands-on with the Onyx, I think it's safe to say THIS IS the traditional (no touchscreen) BlackBerry smartphone so many of us have been waiting for. It always seems that every new BlackBerry smartphone makes a compromise somewhere on its specifications and feature sheet - be it the Bold's camera, or the Curve 8900's lack of 3G, or the Tour 9630's lack of WiFi, or the Storm's lack of memory and snappy OS.

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