Sunday, July 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 4G

2011 is and will be the greatest year in the world of cell phones. Many of the manufacturers up to this month alone have already declared and/or released some of the super power, technology supreme handy phones.

Some of the released or announced cool phones are HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G which belong to AT&T network and the new and recently announced iPhone 5G and all of those phones are, for the lack of a better word, ridiculous in terms of technology. And somehow Samsung is set to launch another smart, highly tech phone and that phone is Samsung Galaxy i9100 or to be more simple, the S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the successor of the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S alone has acquired many awards and the title of the best Android based smart phones out there, but if you think the Galaxy S is awesome then wait until you get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Not a lot on the information about this new, cool phone, but some leak info have been circling around the web.
This phone is now and it’s been officially dubbed to be the world thinnest cell phone with 8.49mm thin. Isn’t that unbelievable? And it got really cool specs for you to play with, that specs are: * It runs on GSM, like any other cell phones that run on GSM of course. * It has a Super-AMOLED II Display Screen, which to my knowledge it may just run on a Super-AMOLED Plus not II. Screen size up to 4.37 inches with color of 16.777.216, touch screen of course with multi touch, proximity sensor and a light sensor. * It runs on an Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread, not like Samsung Infuse, HTC Inspire and Motorola Atrix which run on Android 2.2 also known as Froyo. Dual core processor with the speed up to 1000 MHz and the memory of a 1024 MB RAM. * It’s got a camera of 8 MP, read ‘em and weep, 8MP with a LED Flash with the awesome features of Auto Focus, Smile Detection and Panorama view. It also has the video capture capability up to 1920×1080 resolutions and it runs on 1080p HD viewing which means it runs on 30 frames per second. That’s very cool. It also has a front camera up to 2 MP which is very high, because some phones with a front facing camera only have 0.3 or 1.3 MP and so, with that front facing camera of 2 MP you can video chat with your… well, everyone you know that has a front camera too. * Standard apps in any smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. * It’s got A-GPS location system.
While we’re still waiting for the official announcement of Samsung regarding the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S2 here in United States, a new rumor claims that the Android smartphone will hit stateside via three carriers, and will use different branding.

Samsung Galaxy S2 will use the name Samsung Attain , while Verizon will use Samsung Function, and Sprint will sell the Galaxy S2 using the Samsung Within branding.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is already available in United Kingdom and other parts of the world, sporting a tag price from $600 to $800 off contract.
Expected to be released in early 2011, here is a render and supposed specifications of what’s going to be the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is supposed to be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant, Epic 4G, Captivate, or Fascinate depending on your operator) that’s only now hitting the market, and it’ll apparently come with a 720p HD-resolution display and a 2 Ghz processor.

We’re looking at a 4.3-inch screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 720. That’s insane. No other smartphone on market or planned for near-term release can claim a display resolution that high. That’s roughly 340 pixels per inch, aka “retina display” territory. Under the hood is a 2 GHz CPU (could it instead be dual 1 GHz processors?), 1 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of ROM. 32 GB of memory will be built in, and you can always add more with the built in microSD slot. It’ll have an 8 megapixel camera that can also capture full HD video. Whether that means 720p or 1080p we’ll leave to your imagination. Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi b/g/n, 3.5 mm headphone jack, accelerometer, and a gyroscope, all of which is supposed to be running Android 3.0, aka Gingerbread, due to be announced by the end of this year.

Just for reference, HTC and Motorola both have 2 Ghz Android phones in their product pipelines. If you thought the current lineup of 1 Ghz Android smartphones were already impressive, just imagine what the next generation of hardware will bring! We have some seriously high-horsepower smartphones to look forward to.
Further details on Samsung’s Android smartphone plans for MWC 2011 next month continue to drip out, with a new Korean report confirming screen size and NFC support for the Galaxy S successor. According to Etnews, the unnamed Samsung smartphone – dubbed by some as the Samsung Galaxy S2 – will use a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, smaller than the 4.5-inch panel in the Samsung Infuse 4G.
Meanwhile the Galaxy S2 will also have NFC support, as in the Samsung-made Nexus S. Yester, word broke that Samsung was intending to use a dual-core processor for the new handset, as well as launch new Galaxy Tab tablets at the Barcelona show.
Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most recent Smartphone by Samsung Mobiles which comes outstanding features available at affordable price. Samsung Galaxy S2 has 4.3 inches Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen with color depth of 16M and has Gorilla Glass display of 4.31280 by 720 pixels. Samsung Galaxy S2 has a huge storage capacity along with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera with LED flash. Samsung Mobiles marketed well over 5 millions sets of the product and it is recognized as the best among all the types of smart phones ever manufactured by any company.

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