Sunday, July 17, 2011

Android Business Application

Android, the mobile operating system by Google has a major dominance over the mobile OS market. Its "app store" is still in expansion mode. Here is a list of 5 basic and essential Android applications which would be great support for managing business.

Now manage you contacts according to you profile. Contact Plus is the app for you to create the company list and find contacts. It has useful features, Contacts list, Group list, Company list(Organization), Change font size and Change sort view. Contact Plus app support different language, English, Hangul(Korea), Czech, Swedish (just sort).

The Open Office Document Reader to view your documents created using Open Office or Libre Office on the go.Simple, fast, lightweight and well-integrated. Use almost any app to view your .odt-files and .ods-files on Android, including GMail,, Dropbox, ZumoDrive, File Expert, ODF / OpenDocument, EStrongs File Explorer and many more and provide you the features, zoom, copy text, formatting, image support, built-in file chooser, spreadsheet support.

Working from abroad and confused about the money earn from there n want to convert according to currency of your country here is the solution for you while using Android mobile. Currency Converter is the app, which convert and calculate the currency with Real-time update rates. It can convert USD,EUR,AUD,BGN,BRL, CAD,CHF,CNY,CZK,DKK,EEK,GBP,HKD,HRK,HUF,IDR,INR,JPY,KRW,LTL,LVL, MXN,MYR,NOK,NZD,PHP,PLN,RON,RUB,SEK,SGD,THB,TRY,ZAR.

Worried  about your Android phone’s battery backup and performance. Here is the app for your phone, Adao Task Manager which kills the tasks running back hand on your phone. it provide you features, Simple,quick,easy to use, Ignore list to exclude apps, Auto kill apps after screen off, one-click kill widget and even ignore alarm clock to save battery,kill task,free memory,speed up phone.

Open manager is the app to manage your Android phone’s files and applications. With this app you can copy/paste, cut/paste, delete/rename, multi-select, search, (un)zip files, attach files to email, install applications, backup your applications, view running processes and more.

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